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“The Original” Jalapeño Preserves – Made with jalapeños and green pep-pers, our original flavor is traditionally served poured over cream cheese and crackers. It can also be used as a marinade, sauce or glaze for many dishes. The flavor is a sweet blend of jalapeño fruit, and green pep-pers. The “original” favorite!

Cran-Peño Preserves – Using plump tart Cranberries and adding jalapeños to create a sharp cranberry taste with kick. Use as a condiment to add a new dimension to a roasted turkey sandwich, chicken or pork. Use it at your next holiday gathering

Pepp’ricot Preserves – The lingering flavor of tart along with the refresh-ing juicy sweet flavor of apricots, make for this delicious fruity fla-vor. Jalapeños and sweet red peppers mixed with the golden orange color of apricots add texture and a kick for a very eye appealing pre-serve. Serve it over roasted chicken or pork.

Raz-Pepper Preserves – The sweet flavor, and rich red color plus an impres-sive list of health benefits, raspberries are thought to be one of the world’s most perfect foods. Mixing raspberries with jalapeños makes one of our sweetest and most popular preserve. Try it on salmon or change up your PB&J.

Hot Blooded Orange Preserves– The flavor is heightened to a new level of delicious taste with a kick by combining the crisp heat from jalapeños with the deep flavor and magnificent crimson flesh of the specialty blood or-ange. Try it as a sauce or glaze on duck, pork or stir fry.

Sweet Mother of Onion Jalapeño Marmalade – Made with fresh roasted sweet onions and jalapeños. This marmalade is perfect on sausages, brats, and steaks. Elevate your classic meatloaf from familiar to fabulous

Blackberry Buzz Preserves – Using just the right combination of rich blackberry’s and jalapeños to make this a true flavor “BUZZ” for glazes and sauces. Try it in your yogurt or drizzled over ice cream.

Sweet Heat Preserves – Carefully balancing habanero with jalapeños, is all you need for flavor with a kick! Try it on wings, sandwiches, or use it with a specialty or artisan cheese such as brie. Use it as a dipping sauce for your favorite Asian pot sticker

Meyer, Meyer Lemon on Fire Preserves–A twist on a classic taste, Meyer lemon is a cross between and lemon and mandarin orange. It is a softer and more palatable version of a lemon and slightly sweeter with a mild zesty bite. The intoxicating aroma has a hint of honey and thyme, and is a perfect match with our jalapenos. Try it on fish or glaze on Cornish game hens.

Peppers in Paradise Preserves – By combining jalapeños with sweet pine-apple, we have created a tropical taste with heat and crisp flavor. Pep-pers in Paradise, is a great addition to a ham sandwich.

First & Last “Date” Garlic Preserves – By taking garlic, a fundamental in-gredient, roasting it and adding jalapeños, we have created a mellow sweet nutty flavor preserve with just the right amount of jalapeño flavor kick. Use it as a condiment on hamburgers and hot dogs.

Ginger with a “SNAP” Preserves– By mixing juicy, fleshy young bold taste ginger, with habaneros, we have created a one of a kind preserve fitting for all types of Asian cuisine.

Cherry Bomb Preserves – Using a variety of cherries, and adding jalapenos, we have enhanced one of nature’s most amazing foods into a perfect blend of sweet and tart along with our signature kick. Try it on ribs at your next barbeque.

Warm and Fuzzy Peach Preserves – Agreeably stimulating to the taste is the sweet flavor of peaches mixed with the zealous flavor of the jalapeño. The taste will leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied with a warm feeling inside and out. Try it as a glaze on a fruit dessert or warmed drizzled over waffles.

“Don’t take my Pom for Granate” is an exotic mixture of Pomegranate juice, jalapenos, cranberries, and habaneros. This jar holds big flavor–the tart sweetness of pomegranate and cranberry perfectly balanced with the flavor kick of jalapenos and habaneros. One taste and you will learn not to take this “Pom for Granate”.