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Hot Blooded Orange Preserves

(3 customer reviews)


We blend the crisp heat of jalapenos with the deep flavor and magnificent crimson flesh of the specialty blood orange for our delicious Hot Blooded Orange Preserves. Try it as a sauce or glaze on duck or pork or liven up your stir-fry.


Hot Blooded Orange Saute Shrimp

Carrot Cake w/ Pepperlane’s Hot Blooded Orange

Hot Blooded Orange Stir Fry

Uses for our Preserves

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3 reviews for Hot Blooded Orange Preserves

  1. Michaela.l.nelson (verified owner)

    Great with Brie, baked in a pastry shell. Wonderful warm appetizer!

    • Jennifer Johansson

      Michaela, thank you so much for the wonderful comment. I wanted to let you know that I am shipping your 4 blood orange today. I am sorry for the back order. We had a little trouble because of the orange crops getting damaged in CA this winter. We are good to go now so enjoy!

  2. dscrogs (verified owner)

    This was our (Me and the Missus) first time ordering the Blood Orange flavor. I speak for both of us when I say WOW! This absolutely my NEW favorite flavor. We ordered two at the beginning of the month, one for us and one for my daughter’s family as a Christmas gift. Well, we are now having to re-order two more, one to replace the gift we used and one more for us for future use. Blackberry Buzz has been bumped to #2 on my favorite list. Thanks for all that you folks due to keep us in very tasty jellies.

  3. markwschell-5155 (verified owner)

    I have tried some other flavors but, honestly, THIS (Hot Blooded Orange) is all I want. Ever. Again!!
    This stuff continues to blow my mind and taste buds. Thank you for coming up with this product.
    Love it!! And send me three more.

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