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Raz-Pepper Preserves

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Raspberries offer an impressive list of health benefits and are thought to be one of the world’s most perfect foods. Mixing ripe, red raspberries with jalapeños makes Raz-Pepper one of our sweetest and most popular preserves. Try it on salmon or change up your PB & J sandwich.


Raz-Pepper Glaze for Salmon and Other Fish

Pepperlane Sweetheart Almond Sugar Cookie

Raz-Pepper Tart

Uses for our Preserves

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1 review for Raz-Pepper Preserves

  1. Mary Eppers (verified owner)

    Found this product in Colorado several years ago in a market (Krogers affiliate) and loved it so much. Brought back to family in Ohio and we now order it by the case. Soo good!

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